Tactical Folding Knives That May Save Your Life

by Knife Expert on June 3, 2013

Although the title may sound scary but just imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere without a knife! What will you do when you feel the need to forage for timber to make a fire? This is an extremely delicate situation that may end up costing you your life and that’s why it very essential to carry a good tactical folding knife with you.

Even though tactical folding knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different types of steel being used to make them, the ideal knife is one that is sturdy, holds a good edge and cuts easily. That’s why I’ve saved my readers the trouble of finding such knives on their own by listing below three of the best in class knives that fit my stringent requirements and pass all the quality checkpoints.


The 1st one is the CKRT M1614DSFG made by the Columbia River Knife and Tool Company. I’ve been using CKRT knives for quite some time now and they really do produce some high quality knives. The CKRT M1614DSFG is no exception to the rule and provides one of the most solid grips I’ve ever seen in a tactical folding knife. It has a real hilt upon full extension and the knife itself has an extremely sharp edge. Another thing about CKRT knives is that they all come with a patented auto locking system that provides you with security against the blade closing upon your fingers.

Columbia River Knife & Tool's M16-14DSFG

The only problem that I find with this knife is that due to its holed handle, there is a lot of dust and dirt that accumulates in the gap. Of course, it can be cleaned easily but I’m just a little finicky about cleanliness although overall, this is a great functional folding knife that you must pick up!

2. Spyderco Military G-10

2nd on my list of the best tactical folding knives is the Spyderco Military G-10 which is regarded by many experts as the best military service knife. Not only does it have all the benefits of a folding knife, it also has the edge and durability that comes with a straight blade. Featuring a 10 inch long blade when extended, the Spyderco Military G-10 sure takes up a fair amount of pocket space! You really need to be careful while handling this knife because it’s super sharp and I’ve cut myself on quite a few occasions without intending to do so.

Spyderco Military Model G-10 Plain Edge Knife

Like I said, it’s a fairly long knife so some people might not prefer that but apart from this, it’s a fantastic tactical folding knife that you must have in your consideration set.

3. Kershaw Blur

And finally, completing this list of the best tactical folding knives is the Kershaw Blur that has an extremely good edge and in fact, it is claimed by the makers that the edge will hold for at least 6 months! I’ve used it personally myself and can vouch for the claim and razor sharp edge of this knife that has a really firm slip resistant grip.

Kershaw Blur Knife with S30V Steel Blade

For all those looking for a knife that has an amazing grip, look no further because the Kershaw Blur can be used for almost any occasion, survival or otherwise.

Remember that these knives may often be the difference between life and death and a lot of people are now realizing that tactical folding knives and survival are becoming a reality. If you wanted to be prepared for anything and everything, throw one of these knives in your bug out bag, hunting bag or survival kit.

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