KA-bar USMC Fighting Knife

by Knife Expert on September 24, 2014

The Original KA-bar – The Fighting Knife of the USMC This knife was was made popular by the United States Marine Corp as piece of standard equipment for the soldiers who carried them. The KA-bar USMC Fighting Knife is a solid, well built knife that can take a great deal of abuse and still remain […]

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SOG Desert Dagger

by Knife Expert on September 15, 2014

A Navy SEAL Knife: SOG Desert Dagger This is one of the first daggers that was made by SOG. It is actually one of older models that SOG came out with in the early days when the company first began. It also bears a resemblance to a government version as it bears a similar rugged […]

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SOG Jungle Warrior

by Knife Expert on September 12, 2014

The SOG Jungle Warrior isn’t just a knife; it really is a true warrior. With its Kraton handle, featuring SOG’s trademark Digi-Grip texture, the Warrior guarantees gripping power wherever and whenever it is needed. The length of the SOG Jungle Warrior blade is 9.75 inches, and 15.25 inches is the overall length.It weighs 19.4 ounces […]

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Rorke Denver Navy SEAL Knife

by Knife Expert on August 25, 2014

I recently read the fantastic book  by Rorke Denver. The book in itself is a fascinating read about the training and mentality of some of the most elite warriors on the planet. Though the section about knives is short, and more of a tactical nature, there was some interesting take aways:   “A Folding knife […]

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I’ve always said that a survival knife can often mean the difference between life and death while out there in the wilderness. Hence, it’s extremely essential to be prepared with the right survival knife for performing various tasks such as chopping wood, skinning animals or lighting a fire. Recently, I’ve become extremely fond of military […]

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Tactical Folding Knives That May Save Your Life

by Knife Expert on June 3, 2013

Although the title may sound scary but just imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere without a knife! What will you do when you feel the need to forage for timber to make a fire? This is an extremely delicate situation that may end up costing you your life and that’s why it very essential […]

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