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Hi there, my name is Bill and I’m the owner of www.bestsurvivalknifereview.com.

I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast for almost my entire life and was introduced to this wonderful life by my dad and grandfather way back when I was a little kid who couldn’t even spell knives correctly. But I sure could handle them well and soon my love for all kinds of hunting, survival and tactical knives grew into a passion.

While browsing through the web and after talking to friends, I realized that there is not only a dearth of good information on survival knives, people are actually not aware of what type of survival knives to buy as well. I wanted to tackle this problem myself and thanks to my vast experience in this field, I’m pretty sure I can guide people to the right survival knife and educate a few folks along the way.

On the home page, I’ve made a huge interactive chart of 25 survival knives that cover all the top tools in the market at the moment. I’ll also be adding informative reviews and articles from time to time and giving my inputs and opinions on the same.

So, welcome on this journey and together, I’m sure, we’ll be able to find the best survival knife in the market for you!

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BBOG April 11, 2013 at 3:20 pm


Thanks for your time in reviewing these knives! As you are aware, I don’t think there is one “best survival knife” as personal needs and uses vary greatly, but you’ve done an great job of sharing your particular experiences with these knives, which is of great value to your readers who are trying to decide what to buy.

I hope you’ll consider adding BestBugOutGear.com to your website as an additional resource to help our visitors.

God bless,

BBOG Admin (BestBugOutGear.com)


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