The 3 Best Hunting Knives That I’ve Used

by Knife Expert on April 9, 2013

Choosing any knife is a difficult decision and if you’re in particular looking for the best hunting knives, then that decision becomes even more difficult due to everyone’s personal choice and needs. So I thought of saving my readers all the trouble of researching it for themselves and have listed down three great hunting knives that I’ve personally used and found to be better than the others.

1. Gerber Gator

One of the finest hunting knives that I’ve used is the Gerber Gator and more specifically, the drop point, fine edged model among all the configurations that it’s available in. The reason why I love this particular configuration is that not only does the drop point give the blade more strength; it’s also more efficient while doing skinning work with it. Some of you might prefer the partially serrated blade but I’ve used both configurations and like the drop point one more.

Best Hunting Knives - Gerber Gator

The blade length in the Gerber Gator is a nice 3.7 inches and is a partial tang knife which has a lock back mechanism in place for securing the blade. This lock back feature prevents the knife from collapsing back into your hand during skinning and dressing procedures and in fact, keeps the blade nice and firm always. (If you really want to read a detailed guide on dressing animals, please click here for this wonderful guide written by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources)

Another feature that I really like in this hunting knife is that it has a nice and solid grip thanks to the wonderful skin-like covering on the handle. The Gator is also priced very economically and at just over $50, this one hits all the right check-marks.

2. CRKT Onion Skinner

In at #2 on my list of the best hunting knives is the Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) Onion Skinner which has been termed by many-a-expert as “the ultimate hunting knife”! Well, I wouldn’t term it as the best one but it’s definitely up there with the best and that’s why it’s being featured on this list.

This is no ordinary hunting knife and the developer, Ken Onion, spent a lot of time in getting the design perfected. You might find the design unusual at first but the history behind this is that Ken used to make prototypes of this knife and send them to Alaskan hunting guides for feedback and then re-work on the design based on their suggestions. And that’s why this knife took over 5 years to go from the design to the production table!

CRKT Onion SkinnerAnother reason for the popularity of this knife is because of the fact that it uses some of the most high quality components available in the market.  The blade length is 3.75 inches while the hardness rating is about 60; just the right amount of toughness for this length.

At a price of just under 90 dollars, the Onion Skinner is an awesome value for money hunting knife and once you’ve used this, you’ll always want it by your side. Trust me; I went through the same experience!

3. The Original Wyoming Knife

And finally, concluding this list of the top 3 hunting knives is the Wyoming knife which is essentially a specialty hunting knife used for dressing and skinning big game such as deer or moose. To dress and skin such large animals, it utilizes a razor sharp gut-hook blade that cuts deep and fine.

Since a large amount of control is required from the hunter’s point of view, the knife handle features two round holes via which the person can insert their first two fingers. This allows the person using this knife to hold the knife steady and also to avoid cutting himself in the process.

The Original Wyoming Knife

I’ve been using the Wyoming knife for almost a year now and love the way how it enable me to cut the belly of the animal without damaging internal organs thanks to the wonderful gut hook. It also features a second blade that looks more like a bear claw and this is essentially used for skinning the animal. If you’re one of those who love going hunting and skinning deer, then the Wyoming knife is the perfect tool for you.

Another reason why it’s one of the best hunting knives is because it’s also priced very reasonably. This can be bought for less than $30 at most retail and online stores.

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